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About us

About us

Flow Express provides a comprehensive range of 20 turnkey customized logistics services to its customers. With a strong global network and over years of experience, Flow Express Logistics
adopts the latest international practices for database technologies, technical communications and exports local knowledge to solve logistical challenges

Our group is a leading logistics company that provides integrated service support to companies and customers in most industrial and commercial fields at a level that meets international
standards. An intelligent approach and use of the fair model (feasibility, analysis, execution, and outcome) enables Flow Express Logistics to lead customers to the most reliable, cost-effective
and effective products and services.

We also offer unparalleled customer service, catering to all customers’ needs every step of the way. Having established main branch offices in Dubai, as well as agents in Europe, Asia and South
America, Flow Express offers a wide range of services, including import/export, air, sea, land,customs, brokerage, warehousing and distribution to customers all over the world

Our Message

Our goal is and will continue to be sustainable qualitative growth. We are determined to vigorously and resolutely pursue this path in the coming years.

We know that the electronic challenges and competition we face will not diminish. On the ground, the competitive pressure is unrelenting. Our company continues to present outstanding prospects because we stand for innovation, competitiveness and financial strength.

This is another reason why I am convinced that your trust and support to Flow Express Group Dubai and its team will bear fruit. In all due respect

The practical background of the company & the group

The company is a major player in the Logistics and Martime market, providing warehousing services. Shipping, transportation and unloading services in the Jebel Ali region in Dubai, Ajman and Egypt, with its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates, along with strategic partners and
representative offices around the world. The company provides warehousing services ranging from leasing client-managed storage space, referred to as Second Party Logistics (2PL). To manage
client stock in our warehousing facility. Referred to as Third Party Logistics (3PL).

Logistics through a highly experienced team and specialized technology. To manage clients’ stores and warehouses in their storage facilities. For the shipment of goods, our services include air, sea
and land transportation including customs clearance and cargo insurance.

Key to the success of the freight forwarding practice is Flow Express’s longstanding international network of business partners, which enables the company to transport goods efficiently around
the world
Flow Express has a member in international and national trade organizations such as: IATA (International Air Transport Association). FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders

Professional service team provides online + door-to-door considerate logistics services.

Call to ask any question +971509607576
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